Best Remote Desktop Software for Small Businesses

Remote desktop software or remote access software is a great way for colleagues to work with team members, especially teleworkers.

It works effectively when installed on a local computer that connects to the local and remote host PC over a network or Internet connection.

This allows the remote host to control a computer from another location and provide access to its desktop, applications, and files on the PC.

Many companies offer remote access software, and there are also free, feature rich options in the market. Here are some of our best tips for small businesses looking for the best software.

Splashtop provides free and paid remote access solutions for businesses and individuals who can access private and shared computers from any device.

It also includes remote support for IT and service providers that enable them to support their customers’ computers and servers. Splashtop On Demand (SOS) support is provided to MSPs, support services, and service providers to assist customers in an ad hoc and managed manner.

Splashtop is equipped with fast connections and multiple layers of security to ensure that all connections, file transfers, and management events are logged.

It is available for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Chrome devices. A free seven-day trial is offered. The price is $ 5 ($ 3.90) per month for up to two computers and $ 8.25 ($ 6.44) per month for up to 10 computers per user.

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